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Vice-President Tsuchiya Reports at the United Nations University SDG-UP Symposium

April 08, 2022
Keio University

On March 30, the United Nations University SDG–Universities Platform (UNU SDG-UP) Symposium, “Promoting Efforts to Achieve the SDGs and Planning for the Future of Universities” was held online, with Keio University Vice-President Motohiro Tsuchiya delivering a report during the event.

The UNU SDG-UP was established in October 2020. Currently, 31 universities from Japan, including Keio University, participate. UNU SDG-UP aims to “strengthen collaboration among Japanese universities and various stakeholders to promote research and educational activities advancing the SDGs, enhance the presence of Japanese universities in the international community, and contribute to the sustainable development of Japan and the world.”

Vice-President Motohiro Tsuchiya spoke at Session 1 of the symposium, “The Role of University Management in Promoting the SDGs,” and reported on his discussions with partner universities as part of monthly workshops on “What University Management Should Aim for in Promoting the SDGs.”



SDG–UP Symposium on Promoting Efforts to Achieve the SDGs and Planning for the Future of Universities

UNU SDG–Universities Platform


Vice-President Tsuchiya delivering his report

Session 1

Event Date2022/03/30