Top Global University Project

Overview of the Top Global University Project

Since 2014, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has supported the Top Global University Project (TGU), in which Japan’s leading universities promote the internationalization of higher education by launching new programs to encourage interactions and partnerships with the world’s top universities, reforming personnel, educational, and academic affairs systems to help students develop global employability, as well as any other global initiatives adopted by the universities.

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In an age of great change and accelerating internationalization, the “Top Global University Project” adopted presented an opportunity for Keio University to reaffirm its original objectives. Since its foundation, Keio University has adhered to the ideals of learning, and in particular, social contribution through jitsugaku (practical learning) meaning science. To realize these ideals, it has repeatedly undergone the reforms necessary in response to the prevailing economic and social circumstances, and for this project, Keio University raised the idea of “Enhancing Sustainability of Global Society Through Jitsugaku (Science).” To ensure steady progress in the future even after the conclusion of the term of financial support, in this project, Keio University has especially focused its efforts on strengthening its research capacities and the communicability of research outcomes as well as the training of advanced international personnel within the framework of the three research and educational clusters that constitute the project’s core: “Longevity,” “Security,” and “Creativity.” At the same time, Keio University is working to secure a financial basis from which to make possible the continuation and development of individual undertakings while maintaining the ideals and overall direction of the project toward the realization of enhancing the sustainability of global society through jitsugaku. As an important part of the TGU Project, the Keio University Global Research Institute (KGRI) was established in November 2016. KGRI functions as a base to further promote international and interdisciplinary research and education via three initiatives. To maximize Keio’s academic strengths in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences from its 10 undergraduate faculties and 14 graduate schools, Keio has created three Global Initiatives: Longevity, which explores issues of longevity, aging, and dementia from life science and medical perspectives, as well as potential applications in robotics, medical policy, and medical economics, for a longer-living and healthier society; Security, which incorporates research on methodologies for managing social systems shaping Society 5.0, analyses on risk society, and East Asian security issues, for a safer and more sustainable society; and Creativity, for the technological developments related to sports and business, and the research associated with cultural and artistic activities. Through these initiatives, Keio is striving to bolster interdisciplinary academic research to solve global-scale problems. We are also actively engaging in collaborations with industry and joint research with overseas partner institutions.

Integrative Approaches