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Report by the Dean of the International Center, Prof. Hisayo Ogushi, at the APAIE 2022 Annual Conference & Exhibition

April 08, 2022
Keio University

On March 29 (JST) Professor Hisayo Ogushi, dean of the International Center, took the stage at an online session entitled “Regional Report – Japan” at the APAIE (Asia-Pacific Association for International Education) 2022 Annual Conference & Exhibition, to deliver updates on the current status of international exchange under the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 200 participants, including those with responsibilities for international exchange at universities and other institutions, joined the session to listen to the report.

APAIE is an international educational exchange body for the Asia-Pacific region, aiming to enhance cooperative ties and support international programs, activities, and exchange by educational institutions, and in which Keio University participates as a board member. APAIE holds a conference every year in March, with this year’s annual meeting, APAIE 2022, held virtually. The theme was “Brave New Realities for Higher Education in the Asia Pacific.”



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Event Date2022/03/29